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Proud Military Veteran

J.R. is a proud veteran of the United States Air Force, having served six honorable years.  While in the military, J.R. worked tirelessly towards his bachelor’s degree.  J.R. was able to balance the rigors of military life with the demands of earning a college degree.  J.R.’s work ethic and attention to detail allowed him to obtain his bachelor’s degree and graduate with honors, while still excelling in the military.  After J.R.’s military career was over, he worked at the South Carolina Department of Revenue for a couple of years.  J.R. then applied and was accepted into law school where he graduated with his Juris Doctor degree.


Strong Carolina Roots

J.R. has lived in South Carolina most of his life.  J.R. is originally from the low country, beautiful Beaufort to be exact.  J.R. met his wife in Beaufort and together they happily raise their two young children in this great state of South Carolina.  J.R. has many contacts and business partners all over the state.   J.R. believes we are all responsible to make our state as best a place to raise children as possible.


Serving Our Country and Serving You

J.R. has worked his entire adult life to serve others, whether it was making sacrifices in the military, or helping taxpayers understand difficult tax regulations or now helping his clients with their legal issues.  J.R. works just as diligently on every case for every client because he knows your issue is  your number one concern.  J.R. uses his legal knowledge, with his experience to get you the results you want.

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