South Carolina Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you or a loved one are in a high-stakes criminal battle and the results are critical, turn to the Battles Law Office. J.R. Battles will work hard to successfully protect the rights of accused persons in both state and federal criminal courts. For information on how we can assist you, see our practice areas overview.

A S.C. Criminal Defense Attorney that can Help in a Variety of Cases

J.R. Battles has the personal touch and ability to take on cases involving homicide, assault, robbery, white collar, sex crimes, drug related crimes, arson, burglary, and domestic violence both in adult and juvenile court. Because of his unique experience, J.R. is able to provide our clients an unparalleled understanding of the case against them and to find the weakness in the prosecution’s case.

Battles Law will Fight for You

J.R. Battles will fight for you. It is his goal is to prevent charges from being filed or for your case to be dismissed. Nevertheless, he has extensive trial experience and is never afraid to take your case to trial.

Battles Law will take on a Variety of Criminal Defense Cases

SC Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer

Since it is so easy to file a domestic violence complaint, it has been become a big problem. Preventing a prosecution once a complaint has been filed is nearly impossible. Often times all it takes is a phone call to 911 and an innocent person can be accused of this crime. A conviction for a domestic violence charge carries serious penalties. It can lead to a loss of many of your rights. Your future depends on hiring the right criminal attorney. J.R. Battles will diligently defend your rights and work for a favorable outcome.

Criminal Assault Lawyer in South Carolina

Assault charges of any kind are considered to be a very serious criminal offense. They are regarded as a violent offense, carrying with it all the implications of the most serious kind of offender. Having an assault on your record is not easy to explain. Any allegation of a criminal assault should be taken very seriously, J.R. Battles will fight for you.

DUI Defense

One of the most harrowing and dramatic experiences a citizen can be compelled to face is having to deal with a DUI charge. Aside from the fact that such litigation can sometimes be costly and time consuming, the consequences can be severe and everlasting. A conviction could mean heavy fines, loss of your operator’s license, mandatory high-risk insurance, an alcohol interlock device on your car, jail time, court-ordered alcohol abuse counseling, and an indelible stigma that will brand you as a second-class citizen for the rest of your natural life. The anxiety and stress induced by the uncertainty of the outcome can overwhelm an individual when confronted with such a bleak prospect for the future. If you or a loved one is clueless as to how to proceed after being detained for DUI, you need to speak with J.R. Battles as soon as possible. Do not hesitate to call immediately as valuable evidence for your defense may be lost over even a short period of time.

Free Criminal Defense Consultation

You Have Questions. J.R. Battles has Answers

Free Criminal Defense ConsultationThe first step for most people who are thinking about divorce is to get answers to questions. J.R. Battles is here to answer them. For your convenience, he offers consultation appointments in his Columbia office, or by teleconference.

Defending You or Your Loved One in all Criminal Defense Matters

J.R. Battles handles Criminal Defense cases in Columbia, Cayce, Irmo, Lexington, West Columbia, and other areas in South Carolina. He can help you with all other criminal defense matters including:

  • Juveniles Charged With Any Crimes
  • Domestic Violence
  • Criminal Assaults
  • Violent Felonies
  • Sex Offenses
  • Drug/VUCSA
  • Thefts, shoplifts
  • Firearm charges
  • Drug Crimes
  • Malicious Mischief
  • White Collar Crime
  • Federal Criminal Representation